Long Story Part 1

It is a long story.  So I’ll break it down.

Beginning of last year is when we started trying.

Months pass, no baby in my tummy, I started doubting myself.  Was my calculation wrong?  Don’t need to be a math wiz to figure it out.  I have always been regular.

So the research began.  Is there a way to figure out when I’m ovulating and make sure I did ovulate.  Turns out, there is.  Cervical mucus and basal temperature.  Yuck you say?  That’s exactly what I said.  But the nature of fertility (of infertility in this case) calls for these terms you should only know if you were in med school, nursing school, or if you were just a plain perv.  Or so I thought.

Anyway, as a ex-engineer, I got into full gear of analyzing my female body.  And this was stressing me out.  I was constantly running to the bathroom to check my ‘CM’ during the day.  And since the book clearly states I should be taking my temperature as soon as I get up, when I had the tiniest bit of consciousness during the night, I would open my eyes and check the clock.  This threw off my sleeping cycle.  I was so worried about getting up at the same time everyday to temp, I was not sleeping deep enough.  Of course that throws off my temperature.

After a couple months of stressing, I finally relaxed about it, took temperatures when I can, checked my bodily fluids when I noticed them, didn’t try to pry it out of myself.

The result?

Nothing was wrong.  At least from the charting.  My temperatures were as they should be.  I was regular enough.  I seemed to be ovulating – chart & ovulation test kits were confirming it.  So.. what was wrong?  To be honest, and I will never say this to my husband ever, but I thought it could be him.

To be continued…


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