Long Story Part 3

After the 3rd failed IUI, I met with Dr. S.  I had two options:

  1. Switch over to injectables.  Means closer monitoring, more office visits etc.
  2. Laparoscopy to check & take care of possible endometriosis

He laid out the pros and cons for both options.

Doing surgery right now will rule out possibility of endo as our reason for infertility.  BUT he’s suspecting endo and endo can only be diagnosed through surgery.  There’s a chance I might not have endo.  I’ve also read online that if it’s mild endo (stage 1), some doctors choose not to do surgery since it might just aggravate the ovaries which seem to be producing fine eggs for me.

Switching over to injectables without a lap means I still have the lingering possibility of endo as our cause.  Injectables might not work and after 3 more of those if I’m still not pregnant, he’s going to suggest surgery anyway.

When I went into the appointment, I was ready to tell him I’m going to wait another month to do the surgery.  I walked out of the appointment with a tentative surgery date for the week after.


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