Let’s Make a List

Today I’m going to make a list of things I’m thankful for and hold on to hope.  The dreaded 2 week wait has officially begun and hope is better than doubting myself, doubting that God will not say yes to my prayers.

1. DH’s numbers are UP!  WAY up from last time, the best it’s ever been.  9M motile swimmers after wash.  Woo hoo!  Did I mention they are also super fast?   It’s like they can’t wait to meet my super charged eggs!

2. Ovulation cramps came full force.  With awesome eggwhite CM, I know that my body was getting ready to ovulate.  And today’s temp at 97.9 means I ovulated.  Probably early in the day since my temp usually rises 2 days after IUIs, 4 days after trigger shots.

3. Bloating and pain has gone down significantly since yesterday.  I read through some blogs and it is one of the side affects women who go through IVF has because of overstimulation.  I got DH to bring me some gatorade (I read it helps) and I don’t know if it really was the gatorade but I feel better.  I still have some pain but it is a lot less than yesterday.

4. IUI done and over with before our Hawaii trip this Friday!  Couple months ago after my lap, I was stressed.  Stressed about all this, living on a schedule that the doctor gives us, not being able to plan anything for ourselves.  We love traveling and this IF process isn’t kind to travelers.  We said the heck with it, let’s plan our vacation and if an IUI or anything falls in those days, we’ll just go natural that cycle.  According to my usual (very loose term of usual) schedule, IUI would have been Thursday, one day before we were to leave.  My body reacted early to all the meds and I got my IUI done CD11 instead of CD14.  I am thankful we can go on our trip worry-free (again, another loose term).

5. Half of my two week wait will be on a warm beach.  This I can’t be more than thankful for.  It completely beats sitting in front of my work desk worrying about little symptoms here and there.  I get to hike, go swim, snorkeling and have some awesome food (minus sushi) and enjoy part of my tww.

So today, I am thankful.  My lower abdomen still hurts as I sit (it’s better when I’m standing but I had to come in to work today).  I have a very busy next two days (today is okay, hence shamelessly writing this at work) and I am off!

I hope all you ladies out there who do come to my blog and read (whoever you are, bless you!) and if you are in the IF journey with me, I wish and pray you all the best.

I believe the strongest and most powerful prayers are the ones where you have nothing to gain from — God will listen to those prayers because he knows you’re praying with a pure heart and intension of just wanting the best for the person you are praying for.  Please let me know if you need prayer — whether you are a believer or not.  Think of it this way, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Hope everyone finds the silver lining to your day and week and hold onto hope.  I’m trying. Really hard.


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5 responses to “Let’s Make a List”

  1. Terry Elisabeth @ Québécoise et bilingue says :

    In my TWW too. 🙂 I hope you get your BFP and I get a longer luteal phase so I get a sticky bean this month. Have a nice vacation!!

  2. Jen says :

    Well, you’re right…you do have things to be thankful for! I’m having IUI#1 this Friday….so we are almost cycle buddies. I just wish 1/2 of my 2WW was going to be on vacation! JEALOUS!!

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