IUI #6 Was Here and Now It’s Gone

My 6th and last IUI cycle has turned out to be the worst cycle EVER.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

1. 5 ultrasounds – my follies were growing just ever so slowly.  I usually have 2 ultrasounds before an IUI.  It was 150% more time consuming as well as costly.

2. Previously, I responded well to Letrozole.  10mg a day for 5 days starting CD2 or 3.  This time I didn’t.  I ended up taking 5mg more for two days and it still didn’t help much.  I also had to go buy more Letrozole on Thanksgiving day and my insurance decides that’s the day they deny me coverage.  I paid a freaking $32 for 4 pills.

3. So the plan was to trigger Friday noon and IUI Saturday.  Nope, my body decides to mess with me and say ‘sorry I’m late, I’m going to ovulate NOW’.  So I get a positive OPK Thursday.  All morning (even during the night before) and afternoon I had ovulation cramps.  I triggered around 1pm when I confirmed with my doctor that I should trigger now and IUI Friday.  But come Thursday night, my ovulation pains were gone.  Yup, I was done.  EWCM that came a couple days ago, GONE.  My temps were high Thursday and Friday morning too.  If BBT is right, I ovulated possibly Wednesday or Thursday morning. Done.

4. DH’s numbers vary from bad to ‘okay’.  IUI #4 he had 1M motile swimmers after wash.  Yes, that low.  IUI #5 has been the best with 4.7M motile swimmers after wash.  Today’s number a whopping 1.5M.  His pre-wash motility was 8%.  Normal is 40% or more and ours was 8%.  His supplements are obviously not worth the $100/month.

They say IUI has a probability of what 20%? 25%?  I think it’s lower.. but with my endometriosis, me ovulating early (which is ironic, it was 5 days later than average) and DH’s swimmers, this cycle is doomed.  The worst part of all this is the progesterone supplements.  Sticking those things up my vagina 2 times a day sucks.  I don’t know why but I feel more violated doing that than sticking needles in my belly for menopur or HCG.

So there you go.  Our last IUI, a big mess of everything-can-go-wrong scenario.

But what makes me so miserable and depressed is that I am still hoping that miracle one sperm made it to an egg that somehow miraculously waited 24+ hours.

This is the ultimate definition of hope torture.

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5 responses to “IUI #6 Was Here and Now It’s Gone”

  1. beccamaus says :

    Oh boy…what a mess! I’m so sorry. I haven’t started the whole IUI process yet, but can only imagine how stressful it’s going to be. Thanks for sharing and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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