Taking Our First Steps To IVF

Status Update:

Nothing really to report on 4dpiui.  If fertilization was successful, it should implant sometime this week.  Although they say 6-12 after fertilization.  What’s up with that huge range?  Anyway, so not much else.  Progesterone pills are still not my favorite part of this ordeal but on this 6th cycle, it is getting easier.

I mentioned that our doctor recommended us three IVF clinics.  He agreed it’s a good idea to put our names on the list since the process of just getting started takes a long time.  So we contacted 3.

  • One clinic (#1) that seemed promising (but low Yelp reviews) I scheduled a meeting for the 18th.
  • Second clinic (#2) that at first I didn’t contact because of distance, I ended up contacting anyway.  That consultation is on the 20th.
  • Third clinic (#3) that when I called a few months ago (before my doctor’s referral) said they were full for 2014.  I called, and did a little of begging, and it worked!  The nurse said she’s giving us a cancellation since we were referred by Dr. R.  So it’s true– it’s all about WHO YOU KNOW.  So that consult is on the 18th as well.

With 2 consults in one day, DH and I are taking next Wednesday off from work.  Here we are now: our first step to IVF.  Of course if I get a BFP before Wednesday (12dpiui), I will cancel our meetings.  But since our fiasco this cycle,  I am not hopeful.  At least having a plan will lessen the pain of a failed cycle.

I have to say, if not for my doctor, I would have had a hard time picking which clinic to go even for a consult.  Clinic #1 didn’t say if the meeting with the doc will cost money but #2 is definitely free.  It is also over the phone and not in-person.  Clinic #3, which obviously is the more popular one), is $500+ for the initial consult.  So it can get expensive even for that initial meeting.  Also I would have picked a very bad clinic that the doc says has a bad embryologist.  I would have never known that.

If you’re in Northern California, bay area specifically, and are looking into IVF and have no clue like I did, please contact me (hopeloveandfamily at google’s mail).  I can give you the information I received so that you are a little big more educated than I was a couple months ago.


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6 responses to “Taking Our First Steps To IVF”

  1. Jen says :

    Really hoping you get your bfp soon so you can cancel all three of those appointments, but I agree a plan should help lessen the blow of another failed cycle. I’ll be thinking of you guys!

  2. Katie says :

    You could also look at the statistics of IVF success rates from SART: http://www.sart.org/find_frm.html

    I’ve heard that it’s all about the lab in determining success, although personally I would want a Dr that I felt really comfortable to trust with all my money and blood/sweat/tears. Good luck!

  3. Stephanie says :

    Hello from ICLW! I am surprised to find that the clinic that does the IUI’s doesn’t also do IVF! That stinks! My clinic does it all! Good luck finding a clinic that you like! 🙂

    • hopeloveandfamily says :

      I wasn’t with a clinic for my IUIs, they were a OBGYN practice that also specializes in fertility. I liked it initially because they wouldn’t force me to go to IVF without trying enough IUIs. In hindsight, that might have been better for us but for most people, it probably is better.

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