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IVF1.0 Update #6 – first ultrasound & side effects

On day 7 of stims, I was finally able to see my follicles.  I started having cramps on my left ovary starting yesterday so I knew the left side would be outperforming the right in quantity and size.  I was right.  There were about 3-4 follicles on the right, 10 or 11mm in size.  Left had a lot more: 7-8 follicles and the largest was 13mm.  Yay for my overachieving left ovary!!

Some symptoms as of a couple days:

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IVF1.0 Update #5 – Shots, blood work and gift ideas

Today is day 4 of the stimulation shots.  Blood test was this morning to check for E2 (not FSH, I was wrong about that!).  In and out of the RE’s office in 10 minutes.  E2 is at 289 which the nurse says is good – I’ll take her word for it.  According to this source, E2 count between 150-500 on day 8 is considered good and double every 48 hours.  Problem is they don’t specify what day 8 is.  The day you stop taking birth control?  The day my period started?  The 8th day of stims? If you know, please comment below.

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IVF1.0 Update #4 – Baseline Ultrasound

I thought this appointment will be something very grand and exciting.  It was the exact opposite.  Very mundane.  It was like any baseline ultrasound, nothing different from the six IUIs.  Dr. Nice checked for cysts which there were none.  Luckily and thank God, I had no cysts during my entire IF journey hence no canceled cycles.  Just something called endometriosis that prevents me from getting pregnant, but no biggie, right?

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IVF1.0 Update #3- Sperm Shock

The results of our sperm analysis is in.  And we are in a complete daze as to what happened here.

As most of you know, a semen analysis is provided with every semen wash for an IUI.  I’ve done 6 IUIs, so we have 6 reports. The very first report says post wash 1.5M sperm.  That is out of 69M total concentration before wash.  Only 12% of them were motile.

During the next 5 IUIs, nothing much changed.  Post-wash motile sperm count ranged from 1M to 4.75M at best.  4.75M was the time when I had my first and only injectables cycle so we were very devastated when the result was negative.  I produced A LOT of eggs, his sperm count was the best and it still wasn’t enough.

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IVF1.0 Update #2 – Sonohysterogram, IVF Schedule, Instruction Class

In my last update, I mentioned I am waiting for my IVF schedule.  The ‘Treatment Plan Schedule’ arrived the day after that post.  It starts with December 28th when I started the birth control pills and ends with the egg retrieval week of February 3rd.  Total of 6 weeks plus the transfer 2-5 days later.  2 weeks after the transfer is THE judgement day – pregnancy test.  By the week of February 17th, I will know if IVF1.0 is a success or not.

The triple appointment (Sonohysterogram, Instruction Class, Semen Analysis) was this morning.  I kinda got pissed at DH yesterday when he asked ‘do I need to be there for the rest of the appointment’?  Gosh, men have it so easy.  They think their job is to just give us their sample and all their work is done.  Well okay fine. That’s true.  But still, some moral support here please???

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IVF1.0 Update #1

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you and your family have a great, healthy and happy 2014!

I wanted to start updating on IVF but instead of random posts here and there, I will just start numbering them.  So that if anyone come across my blog in the future, it’ll be easy for them to follow the timeline.  I know I had difficulty understanding what actually goes on with an actual IVF cycle.  Even with all the literature out there on the Internet, I am still to this date confused on what I should expect for the next 6-8 weeks.  Hopefully this will help not only myself but all you ladies out there contemplating on IVF.

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