IVF1.0 Update #2 – Sonohysterogram, IVF Schedule, Instruction Class

In my last update, I mentioned I am waiting for my IVF schedule.  The ‘Treatment Plan Schedule’ arrived the day after that post.  It starts with December 28th when I started the birth control pills and ends with the egg retrieval week of February 3rd.  Total of 6 weeks plus the transfer 2-5 days later.  2 weeks after the transfer is THE judgement day – pregnancy test.  By the week of February 17th, I will know if IVF1.0 is a success or not.

The triple appointment (Sonohysterogram, Instruction Class, Semen Analysis) was this morning.  I kinda got pissed at DH yesterday when he asked ‘do I need to be there for the rest of the appointment’?  Gosh, men have it so easy.  They think their job is to just give us their sample and all their work is done.  Well okay fine. That’s true.  But still, some moral support here please???

I’ve already done an SHG (or saline infused HSG, not sure what the exact difference is) in August with my OBGYN to check if my tubes were open. That session was painful.  But today was no biggie.  Didn’t feel any pressure.  Props to my uterus that is clear of polys and fibroids!

DH joined me in the middle of the instruction class after he gave his sample.  His session ran late as the guy in front of him was ‘taking his time’.  My care coordinator, who I love by the way, apologized as she said ‘we just don’t know how long people will take with these kind of appointments’.  It was her very nice way of saying ‘some dudes just can’t get it done’.  After we were out of the clinic, DH complained that the guy in front of him took more than 30 minutes to finish.  I laughed then but now that I think of it.. poor guy 😦  I apologize for laughing and I pray that you and your wife get to hold a baby soon.

A LOT of information was dumped on us during this class that ran for about 45 minutes.  Went over the full schedule which includes a baseline appointment (with a mock transfer) in exactly two weeks.  I start lupron on the 13th and stims start on the 24th.  Almost daily appointments starting the 27th as they will check for my hormone levels and follicles via blood tests and ultrasounds. Medication to be adjusted accordingly.

Lupron injections alone is not bad.  Just one a day.  And those needles are pretty tiny.  BUT after stims start, that’s a different story.  Throw in mini-hcg in the morning on top of lupron.  And then add on Follistim.  That’s 3 shots in the morning.  And in the evening, another Follistim.  Yup.  4 shots a day.  And no, I can’t mix the three in the morning.  Follistim comes its own pen.  And they won’t let me mix lupron and mini-hcg.

So that’s it.  My life for the next 6 weeks or so.

I am grateful and thankful for my clinic.  Every doctor DH and I have met the last couple weeks (all three including DH’s urologist) was amazed that we were able to get in with this clinic.  I thank God for everything we are provided with: the clinic, wonderful doctors, the supportive community online and the financial means to even have IVF as an option.

Now, I am off to enjoying the next few needle-free days!


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3 responses to “IVF1.0 Update #2 – Sonohysterogram, IVF Schedule, Instruction Class”

  1. itsonitswaytoday says :

    I bet that dude was just taking advantage of the amenities that might have been provided! LOL! Good luck to you on your journey! My baseline appointment is next Friday!

    • hopeloveandfamily says :

      Hahaha you might be right! DH said the room was state of the art with noise cancellation thing (so that people outside won’t here you) and a screen with entertainment of your choice. DH said he didn’t turn it on but who knows? 😛

  2. Isabelle says :

    Exciting times. 🙂 Yeah four shots aren’t fun at all, but you’ll do very well. Hoping that there will NOT be an IVF 2.0 in the future, that everything goes smoothly.

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