IVF1.0 Update #3- Sperm Shock

The results of our sperm analysis is in.  And we are in a complete daze as to what happened here.

As most of you know, a semen analysis is provided with every semen wash for an IUI.  I’ve done 6 IUIs, so we have 6 reports. The very first report says post wash 1.5M sperm.  That is out of 69M total concentration before wash.  Only 12% of them were motile.

During the next 5 IUIs, nothing much changed.  Post-wash motile sperm count ranged from 1M to 4.75M at best.  4.75M was the time when I had my first and only injectables cycle so we were very devastated when the result was negative.  I produced A LOT of eggs, his sperm count was the best and it still wasn’t enough.

During our IVF consultations, all three doctors recognized that motility is not ideal and they would use ICSI or partial-ICSI because of it.  DH also went to see a urologist who ordered an ultrasound for the end of the month.  He has to stick up some pills up his ass** to get everything out of his system (well, poop).  He thinks we’re ‘even’ now but I don’t think that compares to all the needles, ultrasounds, laparoscopy AND to-come egg retrieval and transfer.

Anyway, so yes, besides my stage 3 endometriosis, we also have a male factor as well.  That is what we thought until the recent analysis. Results say:

  • Total sperm count: 83.20M
  • 59% motility (after 30 mins @ room temperature)
  • 22% morphology

OMG! WHAT!?  So many questions running through our heads: How can sperm motility change so drastically?  Best out of 6 IUIs was 16%.  Now it’s 59%?  Is it a different method?  But how can two clinics have such a different method that would result in this?? Who’s right and who’s wrong? Are sperm analysis done manually or with a machine? Can it be human error?

My head suspects this analysis might be a fluke.  Maybe they switched it with the other guy at the clinic that morning? The other 6 were done at a very reputable university’s lab.  It has more details about the sperm — VSL, VCL, ALH, VAP etc.  This new analysis only has count, motility and morphology.  Just 4 or 5 numbers.

My heart wants to believe this new one.  Maybe a miracle has happened.  Just by going to see a urologist and a scare of that ultrasound, DH’s sperms decided they need to move a little quicker?  Who knows?  I’ll ask all the questions I want to when I meet Dr. Nice next week for the base ultrasound and mock transfer.  Maybe he’ll have some insight into the methods of his clinic and the one we used before.

I am reserved but I am also hopeful.  I’m thankful it’s not the other way around — where we had good results until this clinic — the one where it really matters.  I started lupron today and despite psyching myself out, those insulin needles really don’t hurt at all.  Once a day is a piece of cake.  All the meds arrived over the weekend and are stored in the fridge.  We even put in a thermometer in the medicine drawer to make sure the temperature is within what the box says: 36-46F.

Bring it on IVF!  I’m ready!  And apparently, so is my husband and his sperm!


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12 responses to “IVF1.0 Update #3- Sperm Shock”

  1. Adi says :

    FX his motility has just skyrocketed! Good luck 🙂

  2. Elisha says :

    nah girl I believe in miracles!! Praise God!! happy dance!!!


  3. Caroline says :

    Wahoo! This is great news! thank you Jesus!

  4. T at Fruitful Furbishing says :

    That is AMAZING!!! Such great news! So exciting!!

  5. Katie says :

    I have my fingers crossed that it’s the real deal! Good luck with begining the Lupron and moving forward on IVF. It’s a huge step that we’re about to undertake as well.

  6. Rebecca says :

    Hi from ICLW. Wishing you the best of luck on this upcoming IVF!

  7. Kasey says :

    What wonderful news! I understand questioning it- but I would just go with it! Sounds like God is answering prayers! Wishing you all the best!

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