IVF1.0 Update #4 – Baseline Ultrasound

I thought this appointment will be something very grand and exciting.  It was the exact opposite.  Very mundane.  It was like any baseline ultrasound, nothing different from the six IUIs.  Dr. Nice checked for cysts which there were none.  Luckily and thank God, I had no cysts during my entire IF journey hence no canceled cycles.  Just something called endometriosis that prevents me from getting pregnant, but no biggie, right?

I was also expecting a mock transfer which he did not do.  He says he’s seen the footage from the SHG and my uterus looks normal and looks like a very cooperative one.  I was a little disappointed we didn’t do one since I want to be prepared but at this point, nothing much I can do other than trust the doc.

In addition to the Lupron injections every morning that started last week, I am now adding 3 more injections.  I did have some side effects with lupron.  Any sudden movement of my head, it would hurt.  Tylenol helps a little bit but not much.  Dr. Nice says headaches should go away once I start stims.  I thought to myself “because other symptoms worse than headaches will take over?” but I didn’t say it out loud.  My acupuncture session yesterday either helped or my body is getting used to lupron but I feel better today.

As for stims, mini-hcg to help grow my follicles in the beginning stages.  He says they are a little smaller than it would be in a baseline ultrasound so mini-hcg (2 units of an insulin needle which is a very very tiny amount) will help it give a boost.  And 175 MIU/ML of Follistim will be injected twice a day, 12 hours apart.  4 shots/day for at least 3 days.

I go in for a blood draw on Monday morning, 4th day of stimming to check for FSH E2 levels.  Based on that, the doc will adjust my dosage.  Looks like mini-hcg will be taken away if follicles are growing at a satisfactory speed, whatever that is.

One thing I was surprised to find out today was the relation between FSH and assisted hatching.  Dr. Nice explained that high levels of FSH (no drugs, baseline FSH)  means thick egg shells.  My eggs apparently are hard-headed.  His cutoff point is 8.0 which was exactly my number.  If it was 0.1 less, he would have not suggested assisted hatching.  But by a mere 0.1, my embryos need help.  FSH in May of 2013 was 7.0 7.7.  He says the number does fluctuate but he would have to go with the number he saw with the blood test I performed with him.

As for DH’s sperm analysis, I guess we did have a miracle!  DH’s sperms are just fine; Dr. Nice does not recommend ICSI with his numbers although it would be contingent upon it being similar or better on ER day.  He stressed again that our infertility reason probably is endometriosis, not DH.  No need to rub it in.  I get it.  It’s me, not you.

So we are all go!  Ready for IVF!  In approximately two weeks, I will technically be pregnant.  Maybe turning our spare bedroom into an office the weekend before we start IVF was a mistake???


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13 responses to “IVF1.0 Update #4 – Baseline Ultrasound”

  1. Tatrina M says :

    Wishing you all the best and will be sure to be following your story 🙂

  2. Isabelle says :

    Oh this is exciting. For what is worth, I have never had a mock transfer. It didn’t even come up in our discussion and I never asked. I pray that everything goes smoothly. BTW, the whole high FSH and thick egg shell thing is very interesting. I have super high FSH, so most likely why I am not getting pregnant naturally. Anyhow, best of luck!

    • hopeloveandfamily says :

      Thanks so much! Dr. said he was going to ‘measure my uterus’ which is what they also call a mock transfer I guess. He never did it though which is why I asked a multiple times but he says there’s no need. I’ll have to just trust him.

  3. Mallory says :

    I bet is is discombobulating when you’re expecting something new and different and it’s just the same old same old. Good but unexpected I suppose. Soon you will be PUPO: Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!

  4. somedaymama says :

    Yeah!! Good luck. It may seem mundane, but that’s kinda a good thing. It’s better than something crazy F-ing with your cycle right? I hope everything goes smoothly.

  5. Christina says :

    Good luck with your journey to a new life!

  6. T from Fruitful Furbishing says :

    Good luck! And lol, I always think “thanksss for rubbing it in” whenever the RE tells us that my husband’s sperm isn’t the reason. Bc I wasn’t already COMPLETELY aware that I’m the issue. 😉

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