IVF1.0 Update #5 – Shots, blood work and gift ideas

Today is day 4 of the stimulation shots.  Blood test was this morning to check for E2 (not FSH, I was wrong about that!).  In and out of the RE’s office in 10 minutes.  E2 is at 289 which the nurse says is good – I’ll take her word for it.  According to this source, E2 count between 150-500 on day 8 is considered good and double every 48 hours.  Problem is they don’t specify what day 8 is.  The day you stop taking birth control?  The day my period started?  The 8th day of stims? If you know, please comment below.

I was instructed to stop taking mini-hcg.  Hooray, one less needle!   HCG was the least painful as it was such a tiny amount so I’m not that excited but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  Only 2 shots in the morning and a single shot at night!

Mini-hcg and lurpon is used with a insulin needle which is very thin.  Follistim needle is also thin too but the medication itself does sting when it is going into the skin (and fat) and it will sting for the next 5 minutes.  At first it was hard to keep the pen steady as I was dialing (or pressing down) the knob.  It’s not as smooth as a regular plunger.  After a couple tries, I got the hang of it.  For those of you who don’t know, follistim is injected with a pen.  It’s very much like a regular ink pen.  You insert a cartridge inside the follistim pen that holds the actual medication.  A disposable needle is used every injection and you insert and eject after each use.  You control the medication with a dial at the end of the pen.  I turn it up to 175 IU and press down the dial to inject until it reaches 0.

So I go back on Thursday for an ultrasound and another blood work.  I’m a little disappointed it’s not sooner. It would have been reassuring to see the follicles on screen myself and see them actually growing.  Not that I can actually see the follicles — they seem to be some kind of a secret key to deciphering the image because even during IUIs when the doctor’s counting them out, I’m going “uh.. where? what?”

And by Thursday, I will be 33.  A year older than when I started this journey.  I turn 33 on Wednesday.  I’m not a big birthday person, I never have been.  But it was always exciting to pick out a present for myself that DH will buy for me.  Last year it was a watch.  A very nice watch that was a Christmas+Birthday+Valentine’s Day Gift wrapped into one.  This year, I’m not sure.  I asked for a camera but he’s having a hard time deciding which one.  He asked if I want a fitbit but I’m not sure if it’s worth it and seems like a lot of people don’t like it or stop using it after awhile.  Any ideas for a birthday gift?  A baby would be nice but since I know I won’t be pregnant in two days, need to think of something.  Help!



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8 responses to “IVF1.0 Update #5 – Shots, blood work and gift ideas”

  1. Adi says :

    Do you have a fabulous phone? I never remember to bring a camera with me, so I take photos on my phone, which means I always want whatever smartphone has the best camera. Right now that’s the sony (can’t remember the model but it *just* came out so should be easily googleable if you’re interested!) but I can’t afford it so I may get the Nexus 5, which is a bit more affordable. Anyway that’s my idea. And either way I hope you get a baby, too!! I unfortunately have no idea about your E2 questions, but am wishing you luck. I’ve a terrible memory, so I’ll say it now just in case I miss you: happy birthday!!

    • hopeloveandfamily says :

      I did buy a iPhone5s recently and it does the job.. but I feel like the quality’s not that good to print out the picture and hang it up on a wall. That’s what I want to do– take some good pictures we can frame. But good idea though..

      Thanks for the bday wish. I don’t feel very celebratory but hopefully that’ll change…

  2. Caroline says :

    Hope you have a wonderful b-day and your tests go well on Thursday!

  3. Eliz Frank says :

    I like Adi’s idea of a smartphone that takes great photos. The Samsung 4 does too and it would great to have one so you can take great photos anytime. Sending you Happy Birthday Blessings and best wishes for your upcoming tests.
    Elizabeth via ICLW

  4. Isabelle says :

    Happy birthday girl! I hope you get a BFP for your belated birthday present in a couple of weeks!

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