IVF1.0 Update #6 – first ultrasound & side effects

On day 7 of stims, I was finally able to see my follicles.  I started having cramps on my left ovary starting yesterday so I knew the left side would be outperforming the right in quantity and size.  I was right.  There were about 3-4 follicles on the right, 10 or 11mm in size.  Left had a lot more: 7-8 follicles and the largest was 13mm.  Yay for my overachieving left ovary!!

Some symptoms as of a couple days:

  • The headaches from lupron has stopped.  Not sure if it was the acupuncture – which btw, I highly discourage you not to mention headaches to acupuncturists.  Needle points for headaches are apparently on your feet.  They hurt like a #^#@@%&#.  For a minute, you forget about the headaches because your footaches trump it – or my body getting used to lupron but it did subside after a week or so (by day 10-11 of lupron)
  • I’ve read this from other blogs & on twitter – EWCM (eggwhite cervical mucus) is now here.  I am assuming it is from the high dose of estrogen.  On a natural cycle, high estrogen levels are what brings on EWCM before ovulation.
  • Ovary pain – Like I mentioned above, my left ovary has started to cramp.  Right is okay.  They are uncomfortable and I can best describe it as mensural pain but very concentrated on a 2 inch radius of the abdomen.  I hope the right catches up and start cramping too.
  • Bloating – or lack thereof.  I am thankful that bloating has not happened yet. With menopur on my 5th IUI injectables cycle, I was very very bloated.  I couldn’t wear most of the work pants in my closet.  Sitting at my desk was painful.  Because of this experience, I have been drinking water like a dog that went for an hour run in 100 degree weather.  I even downloaded an app that helps me track the amount of water I am consuming.  Either it’s the water or follistim is being generous to me than menopur has but no bloating yet.  I am extremely grateful.  Pretty sure the bloating will come but postponing the inevitable as much as possible sounds good to me.

I’ll be getting a call this afternoon on my new follistim dosage.  The nurse (don’t know her name, it’s a different person every time!) told me I’d likely trigger this Saturday or Sunday.  That brings the egg retrieval to Monday or Tuesday.  And, fingers crossed, if I get a 5 day transfer, there will be fertilized eggs in my uterus by next Friday or Saturday!

I’ll keep you all posted on the dates.  Thank you so much for all the support on this blog as well as on Twitter.  Couldn’t do this without you gals!!!

Update: My coordinator called in the afternoon to tell me my Estradiol was 1414.  That’s a 5.4 times increase from my 258 on Monday.  My follistim dosage has been lowered to 125 IU and another ultrasound on Saturday.  It’s getting close!!!


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6 responses to “IVF1.0 Update #6 – first ultrasound & side effects”

  1. Caroline says :

    Transfer will be here so soon! Hope it all goes well!

  2. Wife of a Sailor says :

    So glad the headaches stopped! I told you they would about that time 😉 Also… I haaated acupuncture in the feet. That’s actually why I stopped going there… one puncture to the arch of my foot in a small, unseen vein. Stung for hours. Good luck!

  3. Adi says :

    This is such great news!! Everything sounds like it’s going so well, and I’m glad the headaches are gone. I won’t wish your ovary pain goes because it sounds WORTH IT for those beautiful follies 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you hon!

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