IVF1.0 Update #7 – Second Ultrasound + ER Date

I met with Dr. Nice today for the ultrasound and another blood test.  He recorded all the follicles and showed me a list at the end.  I don’t have the screen shot so this is from memory:

  • Right Ovary:6 follicles. A few 8-10 mm and I think there was one 15mm.
  • My overachieving left ovary: 8 follicles.  Biggest one was 18mm, most were around 15-16mm and a couple 12mm.
  • Lining: 14mm (I think!)

Everything is smooth sailing and I am so thankful.  Since the beginning of this process, I haven’t been praying God to give us a baby.  Rather I’ve been praying that God helps me emotionally through this journey and he keeps me physically healthy.  I’ve had minor OHSS symptoms during my injectables cycle so I’ve been praying to not have a lot of bloating.  Until now, all my prayers have been answered.  I will keep on praying on little things, taking baby steps.

Unlike the nurse who thought my retrieval might be Monday or Tuesday, Dr. Nice says it’ll likely be Wednesday.  He said he’ll re-evaluate my follistim dosage based on my E2 results which my coordinator called back with: 2718.  It was 1414 on Thursday it’s almost doubled in the last 48 hours.  Dr. Nice doesn’t want me over stimulated so they’re lowering my dosage even more.  Only 200 IU for today and tomorrow, just one shot a day, and I return for another ultrasound Monday.  He says we’ll likely be able to get all 8 mature eggs from my left and hopefully the small ones on my right will catch up.  He’s hopeful we’ll get 12-14 eggs!

It’s a great start to my weekend.  DH cooked me turf and surf for my birthday on Wednesday (lobster and steak) and we’re going for a couple’s massage tonight to continue on the celebration.  It’ll be my gift instead of a camera which we’ll keep researching for good deals.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and if you are a believer, please keep me in your prayers.  Have a wonderful weekend!!


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6 responses to “IVF1.0 Update #7 – Second Ultrasound + ER Date”

  1. Isabelle says :

    those are great numbers and I’m hoping for you that you’ll have a good number of follicles at your retrieval. you’re right. one baby step at a time.

  2. Elisha says :

    lookin good girl! To help prevent OHSS (I had it too), drink lots of drinks with sodium. This includes gatorade and v8 juice. Also, eat lots of chicken noodle soup. No water. Water will make it worse. The sodium will flush out the extra fluid. It works 🙂 Trust me. And stay off your feet as much as possible 😉


  3. Caroline says :

    Glad things are going good!! xoxo

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