IVF1.0 Update #8 – ER Date Set

Egg retrieval date is set for Wednesday!  Dum-dum-dum!

Third ultrasound and fourth blood draw of IVF 1.0 was today.  E2 is now at 4078, another slightly less than double from Saturday morning’s 2718.  Even with the lowered FSH dosage, it went up quite a bit.

My overachieving left ovary is still continuing its A++ path.  There were definitely a few large ones, a couple in the 22-24mm range.  I haven’t seen anything that big during any of my IUIs since we triggered when at least one hit the 16-18mm mark.  I didn’t know the follicles can even get that big!  It explains the extreme bloating I had last night.  I was so uncomfortable yesterday, I had to say no to our planned BD session.

I managed to take a screen shot of the list of follicles on my less-achieving right ovary.  There were 6 on Saturday with Dr. Nice but today we recorded 8 with a nurse – 19.8mm, 16mm, 15mm, 14mm and 4@ 12mm.  Since Dr. Nice said anything above 15mm would be mature, I’m hoping we could get at least 3 maybe even 4 from my right.  All 8 from the left should be mature.

So that’s it!  Wednesday 9 am, egg retrieval.  I start doxycycline tonight.  DH has been taking it since last Friday.  And was ordered ‘no caffeine’ starting today so I threw away the cup of decaf mocha I had on my desk.  I also of course trigger tonight.

Oh by the way, is it alright to have a glass of wine between egg retrieval and the transfer?  You would assume so since the eggs are out and a glass of wine shouldn’t do much harm?  I’m hoping it could be my last glass of wine for the next 10+ months including breast feeding.

Again, I am extremely grateful and thankful the journey until now has been smooth.  I pray and hope that ER and transfer goes well and the eggs fertilize and grow well too.  Please keep me in your prayers, will check back after ER!


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4 responses to “IVF1.0 Update #8 – ER Date Set”

  1. somedaymama says :

    Oh my gosh! Wonderful! I hope and pray everything continues to progress as planned and you’ll have youre baby soon! Good luck.

  2. Isabelle says :

    HA. My retrieval is also on Wednesday at 9am. Good luck to you. It looks like there is a great chance for many nice embryos! Exciting!

  3. ourloststork says :

    Praying that your retrieval and transfer go smoothly 🙂 I’m about a week behind you in my first (and hopefully only) round of IVF, sending positive thoughts and baby dust your way!

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