IVF1.0 Update #10 – Transfer

The title says it.  Our transfer is complete. I was dreading it.  I was hoping they would call this morning to tell us that the embryos are growing well and that we’d push it to day 5.  But no call.  I was afraid that day 3 transfer meant the doctor thought our embryos won’t make it til day 5 – they are less likely to implant and become a positive pregnancy.  I was also dreading it because transferring now (or day 5) means now it’s all up to me.  I can’t blame the embryos or the lab for not growing it well.  It won’t be the doctor’s fault.  It would be me.  It would be my body.  If this is negative, it’s not just my tubes but it’s that my uterus won’t accept it.

Since there was no call, we went in.  I actually was worried we maybe missed the call because the entire reception area was completely empty.  We could hear people inside but they didn’t seem to acknowledge us.  I had to call in, which the phone in the reception area rang for awhile and then went to their answering service.  A nurse did come out few minutes later telling us they were having a busy day.  One retrieval and a few transfers.

I was brought back in at least 25 minutes later than our original appointment.  And then had to wait another 15 minutes for the doctor to come in.  My bladder was semi-full when I sat down in the reception, now it was completely full.  I had a hard time concentrating Dr.Nice’s update on our embryos.

He said out of ten, two are 8-cell.  two are 6-cell and three were 4 and 5-cells.  That’s seven in total.  The other three were 4 cells but too fragmented and he believes they won’t make it.  I did some google searching (of course) and looks like day 3 embryos are graded in numbers but Dr. Nice gave us alphabetical grading.  The two 8-cells were grade A.  The two 6-cells were grade A as well and the other three were grade B and C.

He suggested that we transfer two and freeze the five today.  His office does mostly day-3 transfers unless the patient has more than six 8-cells which rarely happens.  Almost 90% of his patients will do day 3.  I was okay with that.  It was his protocol, not because he believed my embryos won’t make it.  That gave me some peace.  We would also have two sets of frozen ones.  The two 6- cells would be a group and the three 4-5 cells would be another group.  We would have two more FET chances if this fresh cycle didn’t work.

Now came how many we would transfer.  I was adamant up til this morning that I would transfer just one.  But that was because I thought we would be at day 5 and would transfer a beautifully looking blastocyst.  Didn’t think most would make it to then so we could transfer one and freeze the other IF we had two that made it.  This was a surprise.  I didn’t have a plan.  I hadn’t thought it through.

DH and I looked at each other.  He was always okay with the possibility of twins.  I was the one worried about carrying twins to term without complications.  I really don’t want a high risk pregnancy.  A high stress, long infertility journey is all I could take at the moment.  We looked at Dr. Nice.  Asked him his recommendation.  He recommends two.  He says the probability of us having twins would be 18%.  A positive pregnancy would be 48% versus somewhere in the 30s if we were to transfer just one.

So two it is.  Two 8-cells placed beautifully.  In the perfect place.  According to Dr. Nice.

Blood test is the 21st.  I know I definitely won’t be able to resist til then to test.  HCG seems to be out of my system in about 9 days, at least with IUIs.  I’ll resist until I can’t.  I’d want to know the results on my own first before hearing it from someone else over the phone.

We’re having a hard time naming our embryos.  Our church sermon has been about Abraham and Sarah the last few weeks.  But I don’t like the name Abraham, no offense to you Abraham!  Maybe Sid and Geno since we’re Pittsburgh Penguins fans (hockey, for those of you who have no idea what it is).  We’ll figure it out soon.  And will pray for them every single day.


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7 responses to “IVF1.0 Update #10 – Transfer”

  1. itsonitswaytoday says :

    And I will be praying too!! Go embies go!

  2. Wife of a Sailor says :

    Good luck! But if this doesn’t work, please don’t think it’s your fault or the fault of your uterus. Sometimes it doesn’t work out the first time (I’m one of them). But that doesn’t necessarily mean there is something else wrong.

    The reason Day 5 is more successful (we did a Day 3 as well) is because, as explained by our RE, from Day 1-3, it’s the Mother’s DNA that grows them. Father’s DNA starts kicking in at Day 3. So if it doesn’t work, it could mean that the male DNA just wasn’t exactly right… it’s the reason we lose so many embies in the first day or two, and then again between day 3 and day 5.

    Not your fault. No matter what.

    But I know TONS of people who had great success, both on Day 3 and Day 5. I’m praying that you will be one of the ones the rest of us are jealous of! =)

  3. Isabelle says :

    Yay! I am so thrilled for you girl! I was reading your description that was thinking, yup, they don’t tell you to mentally prepare to make decisions last minute. We went through that our first IVF cycle. So tough. But you did it! Now just sit back and treat yourself nicely. One curious thing is that we’re practically on the same timeline but my beta is on 2/18. Yours is on 2/21. Very interesting. I will keep you in my prayers.

  4. Elisha says :

    yay girl! So exciting for you!!! I know you are bummed out about not having a 5 day, but those babies will do so much better in a more natural environment than a petri dish. God works all things out for our good! hugs!

  5. ourloststork says :

    Praying for you and your embies 🙂 sending sticky baby dust your way!

  6. Adi says :

    I wish this had been less stressful and scary, but I’m so glad it sounds like it went well. I will be thinking of your two little embabies, sending sticky thoughts and healthy growing vibes. There’s no reason to think this won’t be the start of your take home baby or babies, but know that it’s *not* in your hands. There’s nothing you can do, right or wrong, to change things now. And I hope that’s not terrifying—I hope it brings you comfort. Because you’ve already done so much. You have done everything. And now it’s time to let go. *hugs*

  7. T from Fruitful Furbishing says :

    Hang in there- thinking and praying for ya!! 🙂

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