Late Night Freakout

Nothing had changed much since the last ultrasound.  I was getting more crankier (yes, I know, I agree DH) with the headaches, nausea, fatigue and recently, drop in appetite.  I feel better after eating a meal but finding something that I feel like I can eat is challenging.  And even if I wanted to eat it, getting that food into my mouth is an additional hurdle.

I’ve been reading up on multiple gestations and oh boy, this is going to be a challenge.  Like I mentioned before in this blog, I’m fairly petite with lower back problems (had surgery before).  The recommended weight gain for twins is 35-45 pounds and 24 pounds by week 24.  I’m at week 7 with 2 pounds less than what I started with.  Given I might not gain much weight in the first trimester, that gives me 12 weeks to gain 26 pounds.  Which is… crazy!  But all the literature and research out there seems to support that twin pregnancy does need a lot more nutrients and because they are bound to be born before 40 weeks (the goal is 37 weeks but can be even earlier), they need as much as they can get during the short period they are inside the mother.

Besides my worrying of getting fat and needing to get fat fast, yesterday night happened.  I went to use the toilet before brushing my teeth and realize there’s blood on my underwear.  As I pee, there’s more.  It’s bright pink.  I’ve read that some spotting can happen during the first trimester and usually it’s okay but I start to worry.  I convinced myself that it’ll be fine, it’s not heavy full flow with no cramping.  It was 10pm by the time I go to bed and I can’t sleep.  I hear my husband snoring from the other room (I had to kick him out of my bed).  I got up, called the RE office’s answering system and waited for a nurse or someone to call back.  I forgot that my iPhone was on ‘do not disturb’ and fell asleep.

At 3am in the morning, my phone rings.  It’s one of the nurses.  She asked a few questions and suggested I come in for an ultrasound just to make sure things are okay.  Scheduled it for 8am.  I tried to fall back asleep but I couldn’t.  I think it took me more than an hour to fall back asleep and then I work up around 6:30.

DH canceled his morning meetings and went to the RE office with me.  I was so grateful to have him by my side as I would have been freaking out the entire 3 minutes we waited.  To my surprise, Dr. Nice came in to the room along with the nurse who called.  He said he left me a message but I didn’t get it since my phone was on silent.  I was only able to get the nurse’s because she called me twice and my phone was set up to ring if it’s a repeat call.

He went in with the wand, and we could immediately see one of the twins.  It had grown significantly since just last week, I could kind of see the head and the body and the heart was beating.  The other twin was right next to the first, and I could see the heart beating on this one as well.  He pointed out a dark spot in between the two sacs and said because it’s twins, the uterus is expanding like an oval shape than a regular well-rounded circle shape.  And the wall of the uterus right in between the two babies can stretch less and sometimes a vein might bleed out because it’s getting stretched in a non-normal way.  Unless I’m cramping as well as bleeding, he says it should be fine.  He reassured me, and the nurse was very sympathetic.  It helped me to relax a bit and stop torturing myself that I was being a neurotic pregnant person.  But at this point, better safe than sorry!

I have another ultrasound next week (the growth ultrasound) and then I’ll be released to an OB.  I had a Vegas business trip planned for the end of the month and canceled it today.  I don’t think I can take another scare like this, especially hundreds of miles away from home.  I feel bad to be dumping my responsibilities to my coworker but my health and the babies’ health comes first.

Lessons learned from 3/12/2014 late night bleeding scare: keep my phone on especially if I’m expecting my doctor to call me back!


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