Infertility Amnesia – Mid-pregnancy Update

I wrote this a few weeks ago and never posted it… here it goes…

It’s been forever since I wrote a post. These past 19 weeks of pregnancy has been overwhelming with emotions and physical challenges that I found myself slowly getting infertility amnesia. Forgetting that I was once an infertility gal and now just being one of the pregnant gals. The only reminder of it these days is that I’m carrying twins and I have to say ‘IVF’ every time someone asks ‘do twins run in your family?’

I have found other infertility-pregnancy posts/blogs useful. Just the fact that we share a common history distinguishes the seemingly mundane pregnancy update post from all the other ones.

First trimester – I’m not going to lie. It sucked. I have new found respect for ALL women who went through a pregnancy in the world, not just the ones who went through infertility.  You’d think going through years of infertility would have hardened and prepared me for morning sickness.  Nope.  You’d think I would have said ‘this is all worth it since I’ve been wanting this for so long’ that morning sickness isn’t too bad.  Nope.  It SUCKED.  I was nauseous all the time, my headaches wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t sleep at night.

But as all things go, time does heal.  Around the 10th week, things got slowly better.  Nausea went away.  Headache was still my problem which lasted for days once it came but everything else was okay.  I admit, I probably took tylenol about 4-5 different occasions when I just couldn’t stand it.  But for some reason, tylenol doesn’t work on me.  Advil does.  And Advil was not an option.  A few remedies I’ve learned and what my OB suggested for pregnancy headaches:

  • Coffee – you could be getting headaches because of increased blood flow to your head.  Caffeine will shrink the size of the blood vessel and ease some of the pain.  I have been drinking decaf since we started TTC and he said ‘no, drink real coffee’.  I LOVE him.  Since then, I’ve been sneaking in some regular coffee once or twice a week and it does really help.
  • Magnesium 25mg/day – I can’t be really sure if this is working or not.  It’s suppose to relax your muscles as my headaches were mostly tension headaches.  I am still taking it although headaches have gone down significantly.
  • Constipation – When I’m constipated, my headaches were worse.  I’ve been eating lots of fruits and have been stuffed with vegetables by DH but constipation stayed.  I ate organic apples with skin every morning and this did help.  That is until Costco stopped stocking organic apples 😦
  • Fatigue – On a day when I didn’t get good sleep the night before, headaches were a sure thing.  This I couldn’t do much about.  Some nights are better than others but I still work full time so napping during the day is not option.  I just had to deal with this one..

Week 17+ was when my second trimester bliss kicked in.  And it lasted for about 2.5 weeks.  No more headaches, I was sleeping well at night, I was eating a ton, gaining weight on a good pace.  It was a lovely short period of time.

Week 19, and now I am starting to feel miserable again.  My tummy’s getting big which means it’s hard to sleep at night.  No position is comfortable.  Walking is hard as my ligaments are stretching and it hurts.  A LOT.  Sitting is uncomfortable because the weight of the stomach and my engorged boobs are pressing on my lungs – or at least I feel like it.  Headaches are coming back since I’m so tired from sleep deprivation.  I don’t know how I will survive the next 19 weeks but I will survive.  It is better than these babies popping out too fast and having to worry about complications.

Now 22 weeks….

More on the complications on my next post…


4 responses to “Infertility Amnesia – Mid-pregnancy Update”

  1. Isabelle says :

    Was just thinking about you today and was wondering how you’re doing. Glad to see an update. So sorry that things have been tough You’re half way through though. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

  2. thesecondbedroom says :

    I swear I did not know the meaning of exhaustion until now. Sleep-deprivation I know (I used to have terrible insomnia) but this bone-tired feeling doesn’t go away after I sleep and I had no idea it would be like this. I keep thinking IF ONLY IT WERE A LITTLE NAUSEA INSTEAD because the exhaustion isn’t comforting but at least nausea is a good sign, but when I *was* nauseous I just wanted it to end. HA. What I mean to say is that I feel so ungrateful but at the same time I get it. It’s HARD. Hoping it gets easier soon ❤

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