Complications – Now It All Starts…

When I found out that both embryos transferred had made it, I was dead scared.  The joy of a positive beta was short lived and I was overwhelmed with the fear of my ability to carry twins in my petite 5’3″ 110lb frame.  As the second trimester was about to end with no serious issues (other than some bleeding very early on while I was still under my RE’s care) I thought “maybe I am that lucky gal with no complications with twins”.

But life doesn’t always go as you hope…

At my 22w5d appointment, my OB checked my cervix with a vaginal ultrasound.  I hadn’t had one since probably week 12 and since then were all regular tummy ultrasounds.  He first said it looks great and then paused for a bit.  Took a few pictures, took a few measurements.  He put on a glove and with his fingers inspected my cervix.  He said it’s firm, doesn’t see any issues but since he sees some opening with the ultrasound, want to see me back in a week and a half, instead of 2 weeks.

Today was that follow-up appointment.  He checked again.  Ultrasound & hands-on inspection.  I asked him what was wrong since he didn’t really explain it to us in detail last time.  He drew up a few pictures — and he said he would call it ‘Cervix Funneling’ although when people say that, it’s usually when the cervix is U shaped where the baby’s head is coming down into your cervix and it’s forcing the cervix to open.  In my case, baby is not moving down.  It’s not opening up from the uterus nor is it opening up on the other end but opened up in a thin long line in the middle.  I could clearly see it in the ultrasound.  Both ends of the cervix was fine, “firm” as he put it.

I have been feeling pretty good (in relative terms) the last month.  In addition to my private Pilates Reformer class, I also took up Prenatal Yoga.  Working out twice a week as well as a 20-25 minute dog walking every night.  My energy was high, I was feeling great.  Now that all ends.

I’ve been laying low for the past week since our appointment.  No dog walking or even yet, no walking much except for walking to and from my car from the house to the office.  DH cooked and did all the dishes.  We opened up the recliner purchased for the nursery and put it in the living room so I can pretty much sit there all day.  And since doing this helped not make things worse, that’s what the doc is suggesting.

If it gets any worse, he will make me stop working.  Even though he doesn’t believe in bedrest, I guess he has no other choice.  He will put me on progesterone supplements as well.  He says cerclage is out since I’m too far along and it might bring on other complications.

Other than my cervix issues, babies are doing well.  Until last week, baby on the right was baby A and the left was baby B.  Last week, they had switched.  This week they switched again.  Baby A (on my right) is head down.  He was breech last week.  Baby B (on my left) is now transverse.  He was head down last week.  I’ve read it’s common during these weeks for the babies to be doing summersaults and moving around although with two of them there, I’m surprised they still have room for it.  I hope in a few weeks they settle head down so that I have some chance of a vaginal birth.

For now, I have three goals.

  1. Keep the cervix where it is.
  2. No other labor signs.  My stomach does get tight at least a few times during the day but it doesn’t hurt yet.
  3. Pass the Gestational Diabetes test which I need to schedule for next week.

I am worried but I also know there isn’t much I can do right now other than keep calm and leave everything up to God.  Only He knows when these babies are ready to come into the world.  I know relinquishing control and trusting Him is what He wants.


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4 responses to “Complications – Now It All Starts…”

  1. Elisha says :

    I am praying for you girl and I know that God has amazing plans for your babies and I pray that He send His angels down to protect them until they are ready to come into the world.

  2. thesecondbedroom says :

    He sounds like he’s keeping a good eye on you and is very sensible about this. I’m hoping no more action is required and things stay quiet and still with your cervix until you’re full term. It must still be very scary, though, so I hope you’re doing okay. I’ll be thinking of you and those babes, and hoping for everyone.

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