Go Away Contractions – ER visit

As a first time pregnant lady, I don’t know what contractions feel like.  I’ve read about it, I’ve read about Braxton Hicks as well.  In my mind, real contractions supposed to hurt.  They are supposed to feel like period cramps, which I’m too familiar with due to stage 3 endometriosis.  BH is supposed to be contractions that didn’t hurt, weren’t regular etc..

Looking back now.. they were all real contractions.  I just didn’t know.  I thought it was one of the boys curling up so tight that I could see his butt or head protruding out of my stomach.  And every time it happened, I would show it to my husband and I’d laugh.. ‘Look at that honey, I wonder if it’s his butt or his head’.  Goodness how silly was I!

Saturday is when it all started.  Morning was spent moving furniture.  Oh no, I didn’t move anything but DH and his parents helped us clear out one of the bedrooms so that we can, in a week, put the cribs in there.  We found out Marshall’s was having a clearance sale so we went out and bought some baby stuff.  Came home, chilled out a bit and then went out for dinner to this awesome local pizza place.  Got home, started watching a movie… and then I felt it.  Again and again and again.  Coincidentally I read that morning some women explaining their contractions as ‘something bulging out’.  Maybe these are contractions.. hm weird.  It’s happening quite frequently.  An hour passed, I’ve had 6 or 7 of them.  30 minutes later, still about 10 minutes apart.

Since my AWESOME OB had told me to call him if I feel more than 5 or 6 in an hour, I called him. Well, the emergency line.  He calls me back, ‘so you’re having contractions?’  I answer ‘I think so’.  He orders me to go to the ER, he will call ahead.  As we were getting ready, I was thinking to myself ‘they’re just going to think I’m this nut head who doesn’t know the difference between real contractions and BH.  They’ll check, probably a non-stress test since I’ve heard of those done on multiples’ moms.  And they’ll just send me back home.’

Got to the ER, had to stand around for a bit ’cause they were tending to this other guy.  Another nurse looks at me about 15 minutes after I’ve been standing there.  Are you in labor?  Contractions?  How far along are you?  When I said ’26 weeks’, that’s when they all started moving around, got a wheelchair, didn’t even register us in, and I was wheeled up to L&D.  Had to seriously pee so got that done.  Nurse comes in, hooks me up to to monitor my contractions as well as the babies’ heartbeat.

She measures my temp, 37.1  Just .1 degrees higher than normal but not too bad.  Still, let’s get you some ice water.  The babies will like it, she says.  Baby B was moving a lot but stayed put so his heartbeat was easy to monitor.  Baby A on the other hand, the one that I usually don’t feel much is moving around like crazy to get a steady heartbeat.  Once we got it, she’d strap it down and he moves.  That went on for awhile.

About 10 or 15 minutes after I’m strapped, I feel that bulging tightness again.  Nurse comes in right away, asks if I felt that.  I asked back ‘so that WAS a contraction?’.  IT IS!  Okay, yea, I’ve been feeling those.  For the next 30 minutes, they come and go.  Nurse comes in again, says my doctor wants to give me a bag of IV drip & a shot of terbutaline.  It’s an asthma medicine but helps relax the uterus.  That shot HURT.  And then the IV.

Now, I’ve had IVs in me before but they were all in my elbow pit.  This one she puts in right below my wrist.  It hurt and it bled a lot.  My left arm started to feel very cold and then my entire body.  Another nurse got me some blankets to help me stay warm.  DH touches the blanket, says it’s not even that warm but I must be really cold.

I think about an hour passed since the IV and shot and no contractions.  They did a FFN test which is supposed to tell you if a women’s going to go into labor in the next 1-2 weeks.  They swab your cervix and it goes down to the lab.  Results were negative.  Good sign.  I was admitted to the hospital around 8 and was discharged a little after midnight.

Nurse gives me instructions, when to come back.  But she assures me this shot should help calm it down.  She’s seen women who had to get induced later after given this shot.  That’s good to know.  We come home, both pass out.

Sunday morning was okay.  I felt a few but wasn’t too bad.  Sunday night it starts up again.  And now it’s Monday afternoon and I’ve been having contractions on and off.  Some are 5 minutes apart, some are 20-30.  My OB is fully booked today so i’m about an hour, I see the nurse.  I did send my OB an email saying I am feeling more of them today.  Hopefully he sees it before he leaves the office today since he usually does leave earlier.  But then again, he starts his day at 1PM.

How am I feeling?  I’m trying to stay calm.  Trying to not think about this too much, and whatever happens will happen.  But I’m also mad.  Mad that with everything we’ve been through, we couldn’t get a normal healthy pregnancy?  Did it had to be this hard?  I knew having twins wouldn’t come without issues.  I knew at some point, I might be on bed rest.  But for some reason, I didn’t think it would come to this — constantly worrying that I might go into labor or the contractions stressing the babies out.  It’s way too early.  They’re not even 27 weeks.  I thought I’d be able to get through August with no issues other than the fact that I’m getting too big and would be uncomfortable.  I’d take uncomfortable any day.  Anything happens to me, I’ll deal.  Just hope the babies are fine.


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6 responses to “Go Away Contractions – ER visit”

  1. Isabelle says :

    Oh girl, it all sounds very scary. I hope and pray that the babies stay put and you won’t have the same kind of scare anymore.

  2. Wife of a Sailor says :

    Go away contractions for sure! I hope the kidlets calm down and the contractions go away for a long while!

  3. thesecondbedroom says :

    It’s so scary, but I’m glad you were discharged and try seem confident that things will be okay. I hope they STAY okay and those babes keep cooking for a while yet!

  4. snowieners says :

    I’m with you and hope the medicine and rest will solve it. Me too, after dealing with infertility, I’m finally pregnant. My complications started at week 12. Glad to report that I will be meeting my baby at the end of this week. Stay strong,your babies need you. I’ll be praying for you three.

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