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Week 31 Update With Twins

The start of week 31 came with a vengeance.  It started during dinner last night (exactly 31 week 0 days).  I had up to 11 contractions an hour and I couldn’t sleep because of the pain.  I have been having contractions during the night but mostly I was able to sleep through them.  Not last night.  I work up at 3:30 and for two hours, I stayed up, tracking my contractions and breathing through the pain.  I’m sure real labor contractions will be worse than this but moving from painless Braxton Hicks contractions to ones that felt like cramps accompanied by back pain is no fun.  I contemplated on calling the doctor but thought I could wait it out with drinking water.  It is better this morning but if it keeps up, I will have to call.

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Week 29 Update with Twins

The past few weeks have not been easy.  I did end up seeing my OB that day (see previous post) and he prescribed Nifedipine.  It’s a drug that’s supposed to help stop contractions.  He also prescribed vaginal progesterone pills.  And I thought I was done with that after the IUIs and IVF!  Having to wear panty liners every single day is so annoying.  But anything for this babies, right?

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