Week 31 Update With Twins

The start of week 31 came with a vengeance.  It started during dinner last night (exactly 31 week 0 days).  I had up to 11 contractions an hour and I couldn’t sleep because of the pain.  I have been having contractions during the night but mostly I was able to sleep through them.  Not last night.  I work up at 3:30 and for two hours, I stayed up, tracking my contractions and breathing through the pain.  I’m sure real labor contractions will be worse than this but moving from painless Braxton Hicks contractions to ones that felt like cramps accompanied by back pain is no fun.  I contemplated on calling the doctor but thought I could wait it out with drinking water.  It is better this morning but if it keeps up, I will have to call.

As for the last two weeks, I’m glad to say that my OB is BACK!!!!  He was on vacation for 3 weeks and man, I know he deserved that trip.  But boy was I glad to see him; his reassuring voice, calm demeanor but always on top of things.  I saw him Monday which was 30w5d.  A few highlights

Cervix: I’ve mentioned that my cervix was funneling.  Not the usual kind where it opens up from within as the baby’s head moves down but in the middle.  Each end of the cervix was closed.  Not anymore.  It actually looks like a funnel now.  Good thing is my cervical length (up to the point where it opens up) has been consistently around 1.3cm and has not changed since week 22 or so.  Progesterone as well as modified bed rest is helping.  Because there hasn’t been change to the length, even though short, he’s happy with the progress (or non-progress).

Baby Growth: The growth scan was the week before, with my temporary OB.  At week 29w6d, the boys were measuring 1.56 kg and 1.57 kg each.  That’s approximately 3.4 pounds.  Given that every website (including BabyCenter) says at 30w, baby should be around 3 pounds, I’m so glad that they are measuring a little ahead.  It is a little scary to think I’m carrying a total of 6.8 pounds of baby already.  That’s more than what my nephew weighed when he was born this March!  And I still have 8 weeks to go!

Positions: At the growth scan, baby A who is on my right was head down.  He has been head down for at least more than a month and I’m pretty confident he’ll stay that way.  Even when the OB was trying to measure his head circumference, she had to go down pretty low near my pelvic bone to see him.  Baby B was head down first but then during the ultrasound moved transverse.  At this week’s ultrasound, they were both head down again.

Delivery Plan: I know twin delivery plan can even change last minute in the OR but I wanted to discuss it with my OB anyway.  Since they were both head down, he said I could go for a vaginal delivery which is my preference.  Until now, my stance on delivery was ‘whatever is best’.  If they’re not in the right positions, even if I wanted to do a vaginal delivery, a c-section would be medically necessary anyway.  My biggest fear was a double whammy.  Deliver one baby vaginally but then delivering the other one via c-section.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that but I would at least want to try. I watched ‘The business of being born’.  Big mistake.  Especially since I don’t have the choices of what most singleton moms have.  I would have loved to get a midwife, try for a home birth (although DH is pretty against it), or something.  But I HAVE to deliver in a hospital and I HAVE to deliver in an OR.  But anything I CAN control, I will try.  We all know I couldn’t control our pregnancy for 2 years, at least I can have THIS.

Maternity Leave: I’ve been on modified bed rest for the last month anyway.  I haven’t gone into the office except a couple weeks ago for my baby shower which was lovely.  I got to see all my coworkers and received TONS of gifts.  I have been working from home, on email and on conference calls.  Tomorrow officially will be my last day.  It may seem a little early, 8 weeks before my official due date but with being put on bed rest and sleepless nights, I’m not going to be productive at all.  I’m looking forward to some boredom and focusing on getting ready for the babies — reading more books on breastfeeding and sleep training and buying some last minute items.

I’ve been worried sick about the thought of delivering twins and having to take care of them.  But after seeing this video my manager sent me, I’m humbled.  I can do it.



2 responses to “Week 31 Update With Twins”

  1. Elisha says :

    Oh man girlie….those contractions sound awful! I don’t even want to know what the real ones will feel like. YIKES! Sending you hugs! xo


  2. Sam says :

    I hope those contractions let up and you don’t have to call your OB. Hang in there!

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