Week 33 Update with Twins

I started my maternity leave last week.  I know I needed it — sitting in front of a desk, albeit at home, was straining.  Even sitting in bed with a laptop open concentrating on work for a few hours tired me out.  But THIS IS BORING!  Most of the baby stuff is taken care of.  Just a few more things to buy which I already have a list of, just need to order online.  So really, nothing to do.

Highlights of the last couple weeks:

Babies: At 29w6d, they were ahead of the curve.  Unfortunately at 32w5d, they are now behind.  Baby A was 1.88 kg (4.14 lbs).  He is fairly normal, not big but not small.  Baby B on the other hand is only 1.7 kg (3.74 lbs).  In 3 weeks, he only grew 0.28 pounds.  He should be gaining at least 0.5 pounds a week!  My OB said they are small, but not too much to worry since they are twins.  They should be 5-6 pounds when born and that’s fairly normal.  He doesn’t like to give us too much information that might scare us unnecessarily.  I’m guessing at our next appointment if baby B didn’t grow much, he’ll let us know if we need to take any action.  Right now, I’m concentrating on eating lots of protein to get them fattened up.

Cervix: My cervix is definitely funneling.  It was 1.3cm 2 weeks ago, now it is 0.7cm.  OB did say some people go for a couple weeks after the cervix starts dilating so again, not to worry too much.  It is definitely soft.

Positions: They are both head down!  I was worried because even my acupuncturist who I see at least every other week noticed that my stomach has gotten up — that I seem to be carrying higher than I did a few weeks ago.  You would think it would be the other way around as the babies’ head would weigh the tummy down.  Luckily, ultrasound shows they are still both head down.  And it’s also good that Baby A is bigger than Baby B.  Definitely good news for me to try a vaginal birth.

Maternity Leave: I am now on leave and goodness, it is BORING.  I did manage to keep myself busy last week.  I got a haircut, had lunch with a friend, went to the dentist for a cleanup.  This week my SIL took time off to spend with her son who is now 6 months so we spent some time together as well.  But yesterday and today has been BORING.  Good thing my mom is flying in on Monday so I’ll have someone to talk to!

Meds: I have been on Nifedipine (Procardia) for the last 7 weeks to stop my contractions.  It doesn’t stop it all together but it is definitely under control.  I went from taking 10mg twice a day to now 10mg 4 times a day.  I hope I don’t have to increase the dosage before I am allowed to go off it at week 36.  I have also been on Progesterone vaginal supplements for the same timeframe to keep my cervix from opening.  That too will be stopped at week 36 which means after October 1st, it could be ANY DAY.

This sitting around doing nothing is killing me — I don’t think I’ve done this since… hmm.. can’t remember.  But I’m going to try and enjoy this since I won’t have this again until.. hm… the boys go to college?!?!


2 responses to “Week 33 Update with Twins”

  1. Katie says :

    I, too keep trying to relish in the quiet, lazy days. Every time I start to feel guilty for taking a nap or not being productive, I remind myself that these days are limited!

  2. thesecondbedroom says :

    I hope those boys have a growth spurt soon to ease your mind. I’ve mostly wanted to eat vegetables the whole time, so I’m getting protein through a conscious effort, too. Thankfully I love eggs! Hope you find some good distractions to keep you occupied, to the point where you can enjoy your rest. Good luck 🙂

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