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Pregnancy Depression

For most of the symptoms list here on this article related to pregnancy depression, I fit most of the profile.  I realized today that it may not be just the hormones.  And the realization that it may be because of what I went through with infertility oddly made things feel a little better.  And after speaking to a doctor today after my first OB appointment, I feel like I might be on the path to recovery.  Realization is the first step, right?

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IVF1.0 Update #12 – Beta

The wait for that beta number call was brutal.  I went in early Thursday morning hoping to get the results earlier in the afternoon but that email my coordinator promised was still not here by 4pm.  At around 4:30pm, the phone rang.

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IVF1.0 Update #3- Sperm Shock

The results of our sperm analysis is in.  And we are in a complete daze as to what happened here.

As most of you know, a semen analysis is provided with every semen wash for an IUI.  I’ve done 6 IUIs, so we have 6 reports. The very first report says post wash 1.5M sperm.  That is out of 69M total concentration before wash.  Only 12% of them were motile.

During the next 5 IUIs, nothing much changed.  Post-wash motile sperm count ranged from 1M to 4.75M at best.  4.75M was the time when I had my first and only injectables cycle so we were very devastated when the result was negative.  I produced A LOT of eggs, his sperm count was the best and it still wasn’t enough.

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IVF1.0 Update #1

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you and your family have a great, healthy and happy 2014!

I wanted to start updating on IVF but instead of random posts here and there, I will just start numbering them.  So that if anyone come across my blog in the future, it’ll be easy for them to follow the timeline.  I know I had difficulty understanding what actually goes on with an actual IVF cycle.  Even with all the literature out there on the Internet, I am still to this date confused on what I should expect for the next 6-8 weeks.  Hopefully this will help not only myself but all you ladies out there contemplating on IVF.

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Last week we met with three REs at different IVF clinics.  Two were in person, one was over the phone.  I was little overwhelmed with the information each RE was giving me and they were all slightly different.  I summarized as best as I could with the information I thought was most important on making our final decision.

RE #1 – Dr. MyWay

This is the one that was over the phone.  It was definitely limiting but it went better than I expected.

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The Big Talk

A couple weeks ago, DH and I came out of the closet — to our pastor.  We’ve been meeting with him every Friday for bible study the last few months.  It was always awkward when everybody shares their prayer requests because all I had in my mind was ‘baby’.  I didn’t want to share it with the bible study group, mostly younger single people, who we do not know very well.  But we trust our pastor.  So we told him our ‘health’ issues as I’ve vaguely told people were fertility treatments.  He prayed for us and asked us a few questions including whether we were considering adoption.

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Taking Our First Steps To IVF

Status Update:

Nothing really to report on 4dpiui.  If fertilization was successful, it should implant sometime this week.  Although they say 6-12 after fertilization.  What’s up with that huge range?  Anyway, so not much else.  Progesterone pills are still not my favorite part of this ordeal but on this 6th cycle, it is getting easier.

I mentioned that our doctor recommended us three IVF clinics.  He agreed it’s a good idea to put our names on the list since the process of just getting started takes a long time.  So we contacted 3.

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