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IVF1.0 Update #12 – Beta

The wait for that beta number call was brutal.  I went in early Thursday morning hoping to get the results earlier in the afternoon but that email my coordinator promised was still not here by 4pm.  At around 4:30pm, the phone rang.

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IVF1.0 Update #11 – Cautiously Optimistic

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you already saw this yesterday morning:


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IVF1.0 Update #10 – Transfer

The title says it.  Our transfer is complete. I was dreading it.  I was hoping they would call this morning to tell us that the embryos are growing well and that we’d push it to day 5.  But no call.  I was afraid that day 3 transfer meant the doctor thought our embryos won’t make it til day 5 – they are less likely to implant and become a positive pregnancy.  I was also dreading it because transferring now (or day 5) means now it’s all up to me.  I can’t blame the embryos or the lab for not growing it well.  It won’t be the doctor’s fault.  It would be me.  It would be my body.  If this is negative, it’s not just my tubes but it’s that my uterus won’t accept it.

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IVF1.0 Update #9 – Egg Retrieval and Fertilization Report

We are done with egg retrieval and I got a call from my doctor a couple hours ago with the fertilization report!  We have 10 embryos!!!  He had told us right after the retrieval that he got 18 eggs but that he believes only 12 are mature.  I was telling DH about the whole process since he doesn’t know as much as I do, that 10 embryos would be an amazing number.  And I was exactly right!! 

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IVF1.0 Update #8 – ER Date Set

Egg retrieval date is set for Wednesday!  Dum-dum-dum!

Third ultrasound and fourth blood draw of IVF 1.0 was today.  E2 is now at 4078, another slightly less than double from Saturday morning’s 2718.  Even with the lowered FSH dosage, it went up quite a bit.

My overachieving left ovary is still continuing its A++ path.  There were definitely a few large ones, a couple in the 22-24mm range.  I haven’t seen anything that big during any of my IUIs since we triggered when at least one hit the 16-18mm mark.  I didn’t know the follicles can even get that big!  It explains the extreme bloating I had last night.  I was so uncomfortable yesterday, I had to say no to our planned BD session.

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IVF1.0 Update #7 – Second Ultrasound + ER Date

I met with Dr. Nice today for the ultrasound and another blood test.  He recorded all the follicles and showed me a list at the end.  I don’t have the screen shot so this is from memory:

  • Right Ovary:6 follicles. A few 8-10 mm and I think there was one 15mm.
  • My overachieving left ovary: 8 follicles.  Biggest one was 18mm, most were around 15-16mm and a couple 12mm.
  • Lining: 14mm (I think!)

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IVF1.0 Update #6 – first ultrasound & side effects

On day 7 of stims, I was finally able to see my follicles.  I started having cramps on my left ovary starting yesterday so I knew the left side would be outperforming the right in quantity and size.  I was right.  There were about 3-4 follicles on the right, 10 or 11mm in size.  Left had a lot more: 7-8 follicles and the largest was 13mm.  Yay for my overachieving left ovary!!

Some symptoms as of a couple days:

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