Week 29 Update with Twins

The past few weeks have not been easy.  I did end up seeing my OB that day (see previous post) and he prescribed Nifedipine.  It’s a drug that’s supposed to help stop contractions.  He also prescribed vaginal progesterone pills.  And I thought I was done with that after the IUIs and IVF!  Having to wear panty liners every single day is so annoying.  But anything for this babies, right?

I had my trial and error with Nifedipine.  It worked well the first few days but the contractions weren’t completely gone.  Some days it would still be 6-7/hour.  The next OB visit he said I can up my dose if the contractions kept coming so now I am at 10mg of Nifedipine every 8 hours.  I’ve been on it for the last 17 days.  It still doesn’t stop them completely but if I’m resting in bed, they go down to 2-3/hour and if I’m moving about, it goes up to 6-7/hour.  They are still random, not painful.  Having another one now as I type….

I’ve also been suffering from diarrhea.  It went on for a week.  I went in for a OB visit, had to see a different doctor because my OB is on vacation for 3 weeks.  I SO SO miss him.  I had to do another blood test and submit a sample stool.  What’s funny is things got better the day after I saw the doctor, without any intervention.  My body’s an asshole.  Babies are doing well so it’s not them, it’s me.

Sleeping has been more uncomfortable and yesterday it finally started.  My rib hurts.  No matter how I lay, left or right, the left side of my ribs hurt.  It was bound to happen — they should be by now more than 2 pounds each and with my petite frame, they were bound to move up.  Sitting upright helps.  Does this mean I have to sleep sitting up until the babies come?  Maybe.

Speaking of them coming.. my last ultrasound reveals that baby A (on my right) is head down but baby B is transverse.  IF they stayed this way, there is no way I can deliver vaginally.  Both vertex (head down) is ideal but Baby A vertex, Baby B breech CAN be a candidate for vaginal delivery IF Baby A was bigger than Baby B.  The only reason why I want a vaginal birth is the recovery.  Yes, I know c-sections are safe these days but still it is a major abdominal surgery.  I want to be able to tend to the boys without having to be in pain.  Breastfeeding two babies will be hard work enough and add c-section to that?  At the end of the day, I know there’s nothing I can do but pray that these babies move their heads down.

I know you weren’t conceived naturally but could you please at least give me a natural (well somewhat) birth?  That’s all I ask of you… at the moment. 🙂


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