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A Puff of Jealousy

My mom called the other night and told me she heard that my good friend back home is pregnant.  She had a miscarriage (sac with no baby) in 2008.  Since then she and her husband (also a good friend of mine) wasn’t able to conceive.  Doctor couldn’t find any problems with both of them so instead of seeking further help, they just tried all these years naturally.  And now finally after 6 years, she is pregnant.

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IVF1.0 Update #2 – Sonohysterogram, IVF Schedule, Instruction Class

In my last update, I mentioned I am waiting for my IVF schedule.  The ‘Treatment Plan Schedule’ arrived the day after that post.  It starts with December 28th when I started the birth control pills and ends with the egg retrieval week of February 3rd.  Total of 6 weeks plus the transfer 2-5 days later.  2 weeks after the transfer is THE judgement day – pregnancy test.  By the week of February 17th, I will know if IVF1.0 is a success or not.

The triple appointment (Sonohysterogram, Instruction Class, Semen Analysis) was this morning.  I kinda got pissed at DH yesterday when he asked ‘do I need to be there for the rest of the appointment’?  Gosh, men have it so easy.  They think their job is to just give us their sample and all their work is done.  Well okay fine. That’s true.  But still, some moral support here please???

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